Abundance Comes From Living On Purpose

Friday, April 9, 2010

One Very Ambitious Squirrel

This morning I was blessed to watch a very ambitious squirrel battle gravity, solitude, and the wind to create an impressive nest. Can't you just hear the other squirrels now? "What kind of an idiot would build a nest on a tiny limb in a nearly dead pine tree 40 feet in the air?" "What if someone falls?" "That is no place to raise a family." "What if that tree dies and falls?" "You can't do that by yourself. You need help." "Did you get a building permit?" "Does that structure meet code?"

Okay, so I got a little carried away. But think about it. This squirrel is following its God-given purpose in life to be a squirrel and raise more squirrels. So rather than waste time wondering what the other squirrels think, she takes action to achieve her purpose. As a result, in a relatively short period of time she has a fine nest for herself and her future family. All of this represents courage, hard work, and creativity.

I am inspired by this squirrel to go and accomplish similar feats. After all, God gave me much more ability and purpose than He did the squirrel. I am determined to achieve my highest purpose undeterred by seemingly impossible obstacles. These obstacles may include my lack of experience, no one to help me, and the apparent foolishness of my dreams, not to mention the naysayers who criticize anything out of the ordinary. Thanks to this ambitious and inspiring squirrel, I feel more empowered than ever.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miraculous Abundance

In our Disciple II Bible study, we are studying the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts. There is so much power and miraculous abundance displayed in both of these books. They describe many miracles which were performed by Jesus and then by his disciples, under the power of the Holy Spirit. It's easy to see that raising the dead and giving sight to the blind are miracles. But why do people think miracles like this no longer happen in our world?

I believe that many miracles go unnoticed every day. I also believe that many more miracles are possible. Aside from the word "miracles," what other word is repeated in the previous two sentences? "Believe." That one word can unlock more power than any other.

The sad thing is that the world is so full of doubt and fear that people refuse to believe even simple things are possible. How much less will they believe that seemingly impossible things are possible. I fully believe that nothing is impossible. To state that in a more positive way, anything is possible.

If it was once possible, it is always possible. Many things previously thought impossible are now commonplace. These include flight, deep sea diving, and nuclear energy. I pray I never give up on any dream I have for a better way of life for anyone. Everyday I expect a miracle of some sort.

After all, everything in creation is a miracle. Whether organic or inorganic, it all began with a thought, a belief, and a word. Shame on any of us for living small when we could be God's faithful instruments to bring hope, courage, and plenty to this world of doubt, fear, and lack. Our challenge is to be so plugged into the power of creation that we expect and allow that very power to bring miraculous abundance into our midst on a regular basis. Just believe.

To your abundance,
Sandra Hayes
Prosperity, South Carolina

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Service, Not Sacrifice, Is Essential To Abundance

As an avid student of Ayn Rand's philosophy as outlined in her famous book,
Atlas Shrugged
, I am forced to consider the idea of sacrifice. As a Christian, I accept that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice to pay for my salvation. The night before his crucifixion, he washed his disciples' feet and instructed them to be servants of each other. To me the basic premise of both sacrifice and service is willingness.

When one is not free to choose whether to serve or sacrifice something, then that is slavery. And slavery comes from many places. It can come from people, governments and even from our thoughts. However, most slaves become so because because they willingly allow this condition to happen.

So to be in service is a good thing. It is to the degree that we offer service to others that we are rewarded for our efforts. As human beings, we were created for increase, both personal and corporate. The idea that we are here only to give and never to receive is irrational. So being forced to sacrifice something to benefit another is slavery.

If I can inspire one other person to break loose of any kind of enslavement, then I am successful. I look for ways to be of service in all areas of my life. However, when I feel I am being forced to sacrifice something against my will, I become understandably resistant. It is service, not sacrifice, that is essential to abundance and a fuller life. I invite everyone to meditate on that thought today.

Sandra Hayes

Monday, March 8, 2010

Being of Service

One of our greatest purposes in life is to be of service to others. As John Dunne said, "No man is an island." We are all connected by the very fact that we live in the same world. Having spent greater than 30 years of my life as a registered nurse, being of service to others has always been important to me.

Just as important is my recognizing the service that others provide to me. It is such a blessing to be able reflect on all the awesome people, present and past, who have provided great service to me and others. I just read the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. This was truly an inspiring work about one man in history who contributed so much.

I could never begin to name all the people who have directly or indirectly made it possible for me to think and live as abundantly as I do today. My creator and savior would be at the top of the list. Then there are the great writers, teachers, mentors, many of whom I have forgotten. The best part is that I keep adding to this list daily. I never tire of reading and listening for more guidance on how to live out my highest purpose.

The more we learn and grow individually, the more service we can offer to others. It begins with establishing relationships and communicating in a caring manner. People are so interesting and interested in becoming better. My purpose is to allow others to help me become better in some area and then pass this on as I assist another to do the same.

Regardless of our so-called profession, we are all in the human profession of serving and being served every day. How noble a calling life is. We are each called to be of service to someone every day. I pray that I am alert to every opportunity I am given to make a difference in some small way.

In your service,
Sandra Hayes

Monday, February 1, 2010

Defining Success Today

What is success to today’s family? Is it having a big house, a new car, private schools, and designer clothing? Or is success defined more by our relationships and shared experiences? These are questions I am seeking to answer for myself and others.

The economic downturn of the past couple of years has given people the opportunity to re-evaluate their priorities. Working harder and longer to buy bigger houses and more expensive cars has gotten many families onto a merry-go-round that is not much fun. It’s stressful, often tearing families apart rather than bringing them closer together.

There must be a solution to this dilemma. How can we “have it all?” After all, I enjoy a nice home, a safe car, and fashionable clothes as much as anyone. I also cherish the relationships with my family, my friends, and my business associates. These relationships require my most important gift in this life – my time.

My goal was to find an avenue to generate the level of income that my family deserves to be safe and healthy. Next I sought to do this without trading all of my precious time to a stressful job. In speaking with others and doing research, the answer quickly became obvious to me. Working together with like-minded people using a simple, but lucrative business model would serve this purpose.

There are many successful home-based businesses available today. Before joining one, however, my advice is to find a group of people who think like you do and share your values. Then find out what they’re doing. If it sounds like something you would enjoy, then do it. If not, keep looking. However, I know from experience that the people who succeed in the work-at-home world, are those with belief, determination, and a willingness to take action.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ignorance, Elitism, and Network Marketing

I happened to observe two moderately successful middle-aged women having lunch yesterday. One is a family nurse practitioner and the other a pharmaceutical sales rep. They are both married with children but their family time is limited because of their professions. Both have better-than-average incomes but are employees of big corporations. One recently saw her pay decrease because of powers outside of her control. Their conversation indicated a feeling of elitism about what they do.

The conversation turned to the social media phenomenon, Facebook. The nurse practitioner was lamenting the fact that her mother requests and accepts Facebook friends indiscriminately. In her view, one must be very careful about the traits of those we associate with, even online. There is some truth to that but this woman expressed disdain at choices other people make.

It seems an old acquaintance asked the nurse practitioner to be his friend. She was aghast when she visited his Facebook profile and discovered that he had a left a corporate banking job to pursue network marketing. She said his posts state that he is ready to assist people to earn money working from home. Her disgust at his decision was obvious as she laughed and made fun of the man.

Then the pharmaceutical rep chimed in with laughter as well. She stated, “He’s trying to get you in his pyramid.” They laughed a few more minutes about the foolishness of such an idea and then returned to their respective “business” discussions. The pharmaceutical rep had bought lunch for the nurse practitioner in order to offer the benefits of “her” drugs. In this case, she was selling an anti-depressant and a new version of an anti-depressant designed to help people with fibromyalgia.

As I said earlier, both women work for big corporations which have a lot of control over these their lives. I wanted to ask them about the “pyramids” they have chosen to join. Neither of them are anywhere near the top. Rather, they are both very near the bottom of the corporations they work for. They both have to work long hours every day to make money for their “upline” with no hope of ever reaching the top themselves.

Network marketing, on the other hand, is a much nobler profession in the opinion of this veteran nurse. Those at the top succeed by assisting others to also reach the top. The products are simple and in high demand. They have no unwanted side effects nor are long years of schooling and licensing required to sell them. Within a short period of time, any committed entrepreneur can achieve greater financial rewards than either of the above mentioned women.

It is unfortunate that people make judgments without knowing all the facts. Elitism and arrogance impede many people’s progress in life. Learning the facts is essential to making a good decision. Unfortunately for the nurse practitioner and pharmaceutical sales rep, they have currently dismissed some very lucrative options. These options could give them the time and financial freedom they both lack. Network marketing is growing in popularity worldwide for these very reasons.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Being Spiritually And Socially Connected Today

With Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and other social media tools, people are more spiritually and socially connected than ever before. Is there risk in opening yourself up to online relationships? There is no more risk in social media connections than in other types of relationships, in my opinion. Anytime we share information about ourselves, or even take time to introduce ourselves to another, we are taking some risk.

To me, the greater risk lies in being too fearful to trust anyone in the world. Our souls yearn to connect with other human beings. We hunger for love and acceptance. We hunger for touch and affirmation that our being alive matters to someone. Our very human nature compels us to seek out companionship and friendship.

In business, no one can succeed if they are too fearful to connect with others. A business owner who offers a superb product or service has to meet and interact with others for a beneficial exchange to occur. This is the basis for free market enterprise. Offering more in use value than we receive in payment from our products and services.

Today, a lot of people are very afraid to take risks. The news media exists by bombarding our lives with how much risk there is in the world. Negative news sells far more than positive news does. The millions of people who safely reach their destinations and enjoy traveling are never interviewed. It's the isolated incidents of terror and tragedy that make the news.

As a successful network marketer, my chief goal is to empower others to break free of fear. I have tremendous faith in human goodness. When I purchase goods and services, such as a car or an airline ticket, I expect to receive more in use value than I pay in cash value. I have never been disappointed.

As a result, I believe that more good things are available for us all to enjoy. This is a mindset of abundance. My biggest challenge is to choose. I cannot live everywhere so I must choose a place. I cannot drive every car, so I must choose one. I cannot participate in every lucrative network marketing business, so I must choose the one that appeals most to me.

Let's make the most of today's opportunities. Life is too precious to miss out on meeting new people. With so many ways to assist others and be assisted in return, we cannot afford to live in fear. Success belongs to the courageous, the decisive, and the connected. By being more spiritually and socially connected today, we set the stage for becoming more abundant tomorrow.